Coffs Harbour carpet cleaning, water blasting & window washing

At Devine, we offer a range of services for homes, commercial properties and completed constructions in the Coffs Coast area.

Whether you need window cleaning, gutter clearing, water blasting or one of many our other services, we have the experience and qualifications to help you.

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Builders & Construction Cleaning

Mans Cleaning - Builders Clean in Harbour, NSW

At Devine Construction Cleaning, our specialty is deep-cleaning properties after construction, fit-outs or renovations have been completed.
This starts with removing all protection, sweeping & removing any rubbish from areas. Glazing frames & tracks are next to be addressed including cleaning any balconies, patios & accompanying balustrades. Next, we clean all the wet areas including the bathrooms & laundries. The Kitchens, bedrooms & all other joinery comes next. We intricately clean fixtures such as sockets, switches, shelves, doors and door frames, showers, and sinks throughout too. We follow with a vacuum & mop.

DCC senior management conduct quality control inspections at this point ensuring 100% satisfaction from our Clients. After defect rectification has occurred a second vacuum & mop is performed where needed. By doing things this way we can guarantee that we have been thorough.
We are experts at scraping glass & acid washing procedures. Experience counts! Call us today.

Water Blasting

Looking for a fast and reliable solution to stubborn dirt, mould and grime? Get high-pressure water blasting from the team at Devine Construction Cleaning. 

This method of cleaning is effective on a wide range of surfaces, for a variety of problems on residential and commercial properties. We also have access to equipment that allows us to work at heights and clean difficult spots on high-rise buildings. What can we achieve with our water blasters?

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Window Washing

The team at Devine can clean windows and screens in any kind of building, no matter how high. Each of our team members hold WorkCover insurance, and the business is covered for a total of $10 million. Our team hold current construction white cards and national lift tickets for safe operation of height access equipment. 

Domestic or commercial, our technicians can easily clean up to 4 storeys from the ground using extension poles. As we are fully qualified to use lifting and abseiling equipment, tall high-rises are well within our capabilities. 

Our window cleaning is prefect for commercial properties, homes, apartments, schools and construction sites. We can even clean windows at the request of body corporates as well as shop fronts, and display windows. 

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Floor Scrubbing

Devine can scrub and polish a variety of floors to leave your home or business sparkling. Our qualified team can even restore small imperfections in your flooring so that they’re as good as new again. 

We clean hard floors such as:

Our experienced team can also clean slip-resistant flooring in hospitality businesses to comply with Occupational Health and Safety. We use environmentally friendly and powerful products in all of our domestic and commercial cleans, ensuring our work is of the highest standard.

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Carpet Cleaning

When you contract Devine to deep clean your carpet, you know you’re getting the best quality. We employ environmentally friendly steam cleaning methods to get the best result for your carpet fast. In addition to carpets, we also clean all types of rugs, including oriental, specialty and delicate rugs. These cleans can be done in your home or office, or at our specialised facility. In this case, rugs can be picked up and dropped back to you after they’ve been cleaned. 

Our carpet cleaning specialities include:

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Gutter Cleaning

Devine can completely remove all debris from your gutters, whether it’s a one off for your home or ongoing commercial work. 

We bring all the equipment necessary to remove obstructions and will flush your downpipes to make sure water can flow through freely. Clean gutters are important to prevent water damage, premature rusting and becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

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Other Services

The team at Devine are skilled in a variety of areas and all relevant qualifications for operating machinery. Dividing our company into three specialised service providers—Devine Construction Cleaning, Devine Household Cleaning and Devine Garden Care—means we can offer a large variety of other cleaning services for domestic, commercial and construction customers. 

These include cleaning offices, hard surfaces, pool tiles, shopping centres, warehouses, screens and solar panels and clearing out for hoarders. 

We can also perform:

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